Chilliwack Private In Home Prenatal Classes and Birth Doula Training Online

Personalized Prenatal Classes that embrace the beauty of Birth. Quality Doula Training Your Way

Private Prenatal and Birth Doula Studies

What are Private in Home Prenatal Classes all about?

Private in Home Prenatal Classes offer as few or as many child birth classes as you wish, provided for you in the comfort of your own home. Here we tailor a program specifically designed for you. We will cover third trimester changes, pre labour preparation, the stages of labour, comfort measures, hospital or home birth procedures, natural pain management, possible interventions, early breastfeeding, the early postpartum period as well as the option to discuss breastfeeding and post partum adjustment in more detail. These classes are perfect for those wanting to obtain one on one information, in a shorter amount of time, a customized program and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

How do I train to become a birth doula online?

The Online Birth Doula Studies Program is offered via the College of the Rockies in beautiful British Columbia. It is a comprehensive yet flexible 3 month program taken online with the option to gain your certificate by completing practicum requirements within your own community. The program was recently mentioned in Maclean's magazine and has enrolled students throughout Canada. You have peer support and the support of your instructor every step of the way. Please see the Birth Doula Training Link for more information.